Hot Tub Sales & Service in Northern Arizona

Hot tubsLet’s face it—there’s nothing more stressful than moving. Luckily, a hot tub is a luxury that can soothe even your biggest stresses away. If you’re moving from one place to another, let Prescott Billiard and Hot Tubs help you move your hot tub so you can get back to relaxing as quickly as possible!

Our hot tub movers in Northern Arizona are experienced when it comes to disconnecting your tub from its existing hookups, carefully moving it from one location to another, and re-hooking it up so you can get back to enjoying it. We’ve got the equipment, know-how and patience to ensure it survives the move in pristine condition.

Other movers may not be as gentle with your hot tub. Our team knows that despite its large size, your hot tub is a delicate investment that needs to be handled with care at all stages of a move. That’s why discerning owners trust us and only us when it comes to hot tub moving in Northern Arizona! We’ll ensure there’s not so much as a scratch on your tub when it finally makes it to its new home.

Hookups & Installation

Part of our moving services involves “breaking down” and “setting up” your hot tub. This means properly unhooking all of the electrical and plumbing and carefully ensuring they’re reapplied after the move. We handle this process for you and can expertly complete these vital hookups so you don’t have to worry about calling a hot tub contractor to come out!

Now Offering New Viking Spas

VIBROSONIC MASSAGE SYSTEMA Message from Viking Spas: Viking Spas is a family-owned company where attention to detail and satisfying customers needs have defined our success in the hot tub industry for over 45 years.

Our commitment to building a hot tub that provides the best value, therapy, comfort and safety are the keys to our designs.

We assure that our spa is about you, your health and long-lasting enjoyment. One that is designed with a purpose and value that is unrivaled in our industry.

New Viking spas delivered, starting $2,995!

Call Prescott Billiard and Hot Tubs today at (928) 713-8388 for a Viking Spa today!

From our family to yours … enjoy your Viking Spa!

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Get Moving Today

Instead of spending time stressing over a move or trying to find a moving company that can deal with your hot tub, call the professionals at Prescott Billiard and Hot Tubs. We’ll make swift work of moving your hot tub and will give you complete peace of mind that everything is hooked up and ready for you to use.

Give us a call today at 928-713-8388 to get started. We’ll gladly provide you with pricing and timelines upon request.